Welcome to Aberdeen Sky Cabs

Your Local Taxi Firm

We are a friendly local taxi company with very experienced drivers almost all have 25 years or more experience. At Sky Cabs we only hire radios out to honest reliable drivers, so our customers know they will not be over charged and they will get to their destination via the shortest and quickest route.  What we hear from customers of the other companies with larger fleets,  is that the service is not as good as it should be and we see evidence of this when their customer's phone us after having waited more than 15 minutes from their original booking time.  Then, both us and them arriving at same time, maybe it is the computer system or the drivers or both,  but I personally don’t think that is a justified excuse to be late. We at Sky Cabs only take in bookings which we know we can honour, that is why we have regular customers who always phone us first.  And further, to my knowledge we are the only taxi company to offer child seats in this area.



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